On the end of 1974 a little Yorkie "Hersha of Starhaven" (Shushu) went in my life.

I was immediately charmed by this wonderful breed, for me up till that time unknown. 

So I decided to give her a friend and I imported from England  "Manila of Starhaven"   (Many) (Reworrah and Lilactime lines)

Completely unprepared but with much enthusiasm (without knowing what was wrapping) I began to show them and unexpectedly they gained their first successes.

Only Many became Champion and he was my prototype producing later World Champion Delizia della Zagara .

With him I wandered in many european shows and I learned to appreciate many

other yorkies so, two bitches more entered in my home: Evelyne von Paenbruch and

Miss Penny von Paenbruch by Mr Deppenmeier, both daughter of famous champions.


Later it arrived from England: Meadpark Dedication, Beechrise Sonia' Select and

Ozmilion Bright Future by my dear friends Roy Mulligan, Les Griffiths and Osman Sameja that helped me with their precious teachings.





                         with  Roy Mulligan (Meadpark) and Les Griffiths (Beechrise)                                                                   






Meantime I had another beautiful experience producing with my husband

"Una Toscana della Zagara" (1981) (Thrumpton line), a very nice Norwich Terrier that was Italian and International Champion







At beginning of  80' years it began my "love story" with Millmoor dogs, during the Verona World Ch.Show I followed in love with "My Precious Clide" and I decided to start to import some Millmoor dogs as Get It of Millmoor, Irresistible, Je Suis of Millmoor, My Precious Kind, Gregory of Rojana, Issabel of Millmoor, Empress of Millmoor, I Love You of Millmoor, J'Aime of Millmoor........ consolidating my type.













During 80' my  interest expanded to other three breeds : Maltese, Scottish Terrier and

Lhasa Apso. While for Scottish and Lhasa I limited myself to show and visit with my partner the most important kennels in England, Sweden, Holland and Norway, forming my future knowledge to become Judge on 90' years, for Maltese I imported from England two specimen of the famous Snowgoose line that won everywhere.

I bred for 5 years and I produced some champion.


OUR Maltese' Awards:

  • 3 Italian Champion Titles

  • 3 Internat.       "          "

  • 2 Junior           "          "

  • 3 Foreign         "          "

  • 1 TOP Maltese           "












Among the several titles achieved on those years,  the most important was the World Championship with Ch. Delizia della Zagara on '86, the Vice World Championship '89 & '90 and Vice Euro Championship '90 with Ch. Bonsai Sweet Sensation. My dogs was Top Yorky in Italy since '85 to '90 (Ch. Bonsai Billy Jean, Ch. Bonsai Quiberon...)

But the emblem of my kennel had to be Ch. Bonsai Fidji with 10 titles and more German Bundessiegerin, Euro Junior Champion '92, World Champion 95 and Top Yorkie '93 and '94.

On 1994 I became FCI Judge and for that I decided to no more show also if my love for breeding don't stop and some of my few puppies went and move again to world stage (Russia, Australia, Danemark, Island...) with success.



  • 31 Foreign Champion Titles

  • 30 Italian           "              "

  • 22 Internat.        "              "

  • 16 Club               "              "

  • 8  Reproducing   "              "

  • 22 Junior             "              "

  • 10  Top Yorkie    "              "

  • 1   Top Toy          "              "

  • 3   Bundessieger "               "

  • 1   EU Junior       "              "

  • 2  WORLD          "              "

  • 3  Vice EU           "              "

  • 1   Vice World      "              "





My actual interest direct to a new fascinating breed, intriguer for his as much old as new origins: Jack Russell Terrier .  Since 1998 they take much of my time with their carefree plays and wonderful character and fill up my life. 




        1 EU   Champion Title

        1 EU J. Champion   "

        7 Int.          "            "

        24 Foreign   "          "         

        2 Italian       "          "

        6 Repr.        "          "

        4 Vet.          "          "

        1 Junior      "          "

        1 Foreign Gran Champion

        1 Top Dog

































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